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Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest 2015


On March 21, 2015 Avalouna will be appearing at Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest in Glen Rose, TX. Last year we appeared at Weird Tex Fest at the same venue, which was put on by the same event producers. It was a wonderful event and we had such a blast and are so honored to be the entertainment this year at Unity Fest!

We will be performing the premiere of our Murderous Ghosts set, which is not only a bellydance performance, but the first in our series of theatrical bellydance pieces which tell an entire story in 30 minutes or less. We are so excited to present this new format of show to you and are really, really excited about this piece. It will be making its way around in the future, but for now, to see the whole thing, you should come to Unity Fest! If you’re not able, never fear, we will be posting it on YouTube!

Also later in the day I will be teaching a 30 minute mini workshop. It is included with entry to the event and suitable for total beginners!

Our performance is at 1pm, workshop at 3:30. There is also a wide array of speakers on all things supernatural and paranormal! There are also plenty of vendors to fulfill your shopping needs. This is a really fabulous event and it also is a charity event with proceeds going to Cancer Care Services.

Come out and see us, see the event page on Facebook at this link and buy tickets on eventbrite at the link below!



Smiles, shimmies and creepy things galore!


New video!!! Pirates Ball!


Here it is, the video of Avalouna’s performance at the Texarkana Pirates Ball, benefitting the Texarkana Ren Faire! Check out those foot lights! This was a purely improvisational set with our special brand of Tribal Fusion. Cassandra debuted her fan solo and vocabulary, Elena debuted her Indian Fusion solo and we debuted our Fast Sword Vocabulary!! It was a marvelous night!!! Hope you enjoy!

You can also subscribe to the Three Fates YouTube channel for all our videos! New ones will be up soon!

Smiles and shimmies, 🙂 Elena



October Already?? New Orleans, Chilly Weather, Pagan Pride and Big News!


I’m not quite sure how it’s been almost a month since I posted last! Wow, so much to catch up on. First is the awesome trip to New Orleans/ Baton Rouge I got to take the third weekend of September. We had a great time with one of our couple friends on the four day weekend and I got to meet Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott of Irie Tribal Dance Company and take a workshop with her as well as perform in the hafla afterwards, buy a new Bindi, drool over the rest of her costuming bits and pieces and see the wonderful place that is New Orleans. It was rainy for a lot of the trip and the day of the workshop, rain cozily pitter pattered down as we had class in the mst beautiful yoga studio. Cyndi is a masterful teacher and extremely fun to boot! I also got to enjoy a fun lunch with my sisters from Wild Sky Tribal and eat some yummy Jambalaya and Boudin Balls!

New Orleans was great, I fell in love with the French Quarter and some highlights included a trip to Beckham’s Bookshop where I got a giant bag full of old books about theatre (the neatest bookshop ever, very charming and old worldy!), I got to go to FOUR voodoo shops, have beignets and chicory at Cafe du Monde, wander about the French Quarter, on our last night found an adorable wine bar where Amber and I stopped for a refreshment, our friends having headed back to the hotel (which was great itself, just on the cusp of the warehouse disstrict, about a 10 minute walk to the French Quarter, it was a lovely place and if you need a hotel in New Orleans, I highly reccomend the Hyatt Place. We will return!)

It really was a great trip, I got to see swamps and LSU and the Saints were victorious in their respective games so I had a happy fiancee!

The next weekend, on the 28th my lovely friend and student Zahra organized a private group class in Savannah, TX that I went down and taught and I had a great time with some very fun ladies, and the studio was absolutely beautiful! On the 3rd floor of the fitness complex it was in a turrett and had lots of windows! We had a great time and afterwards went scrub shopping for the muggle job and for sushi and hibachi, where I had my first experience with Sake! It was actually pretty good!

This past weekend on Saturday was a performance I have been preparing for for awhile, Pagan Pride Day!! I was asked awhile ago by Wild Sky Tribal to come down and perform as a guest with them, which I of course said yes to! I had only danced with one of the girls before, but that’s the beauty of ATS, you can just jump right on in there and go after it!

I was awake at the ungodly hour of 8:30 geting dressed and my lovely bellydance wife drove to Dallas so I could get all my makeup on! And hair garden. And jewelry. I only wore 11 bracelets, 3 rings, 2 necklaces and earrings. Still could’ve had more on. 😉 I had my costume on, minus my bra and with a shirt over my choli and we were getting ready to leave as Amber asked what the temperature was like. I popped outside barefoot and with my short sleeve choli on and promptly scurried back inside for a sweatshirt! It was so cold! My choli being a loaner as I wait for my first custom one (by Cyndi!) I was cold! When we got down to Pagan Pride, I hopped out of the car to get my bra on and almost froze before I could get ym sweatshirt back on, plus my big heavy shawl! We were early and walked about for a bit, finding Zahra who was promoting the Witches Ball benefit that is being held November 1 and looking at a few of the vendors. We met uop with Taylor and one of the girls Stacy and wandered about a bit more, getting everything ready and ending up having Zahra save the day with a boombox for our music! We did a 50 minute set with a break in the middle. I danced a solo to Duma Sa Duma and got to do a duet with Taylor to Caravan plus, chorusing and dancing in the pod quite a bit. Afterwards Taylor gave a mini class to some of the spectators and they were very enthusiastic and cute!

Pagan Pride was a fascinating experience for me. It was beautiful at the venue, a misty, dark, gray morning. The first thing we saw was a circle and drumming, some type of ritual was happening and veryone was just so happy, it made me happy. We danced on the circle stage which was made of concrete and was so cold my feet went numb during my solo! It was a great time and I had a blast getting to dance with my new sisters. I also, of course, had to peruse all of the shinies, and ended up buying a crystal, a ring with a beautiful big crystal in it and Amber bought me a necklace and earring set with a pink carved full moon on all three items. I met some lovely people and just generally had a blast. It was my first big ATS performance and solo and I was so pleased with how it went. I am working on getting the video uploaded soon!

And the last bit of news. I have started two new companies. One is a fusion group named Avalouna which is comprised of Zahra Johnson, Cassandra Campbell and me. We will be doing a lot of experimental, fun stuff and just generally having fun in all different ways. Our first piece is a Voodoo/Witchy themed piece to premiere at Monster’s Ball, October 27. The second troupe is Callidora Tribal which is an ATS duet Cassandra and I have formed. We will also be premiering at Monster’s Ball and are very excited to finally officially be dancing together!

Well, I guess that’s all for now! I will have pictures and videos up soon from at least some of my adventures! Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E

New Performance Announcement! The Event Dallas!


I am so thrilled to announce that after months of pining to perform at this event (Bahaha, see what I did there…and it’s called The Event…ahem), I will officially be performing at the show! It’s on Saturday, Sept 7, 2013 and there will be some big badass names there! Haven’t decided what I’m dancing yet, working on that this weekend, but I promise it’ll be fun!

I’m also dancing at “Dalida and Friends” again in Septemebr, on the 8 and at A Sunday Soiree on the 15!! Wait…wasn’t September going to be a slow month for me? Ah well! No rest for the wicked I guess. Plus, I’d rather be dancing!

Find out more about The Event at http://theeventdallas.weebly.com/ and come see me dance if you’re out and about in the Dallas area! Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E

“Dalida and Friends” Hafla


Last night I had the great honor to perform at August’s “Dalida and Friends” Hafla in Plano, TX. The show is a monthly event produced by Dallas bellydancer Dalida. From a dancer’s perspective, this show was just so well produced and managed. We were able to get ready in the studio also housed in the Celebration Event Center and Ballroom and Dalida was a wonderful hostess, providing us with water and plenty of friendly chatter backstage.

The venue itself is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely large dancefloor surrounded by tables was a great space to dance, especially with the backdrop of a fully mirrored stage platform and a very interesting architectural point- the red walls of the space are mirrored! The crowd was small this month, but it afforded a very intimate setting and I really loved the opportunity of connecting with every member of the audience.

There were some lovely performances, Dalida started the show off with a beautiful fan veil routine, then Jere Luttner did a lovely, sassy double cane Saiidi performance. I was next with my 20’s modern inspired Fusion piece. I really loved getting to perform something so different from my set for the Masquerade Ball. This was upbeat, fun and I tossed in a nice drop just cause I felt like it! Shannon Varnado was next with a fabulous Egyptian routine and Saritza did a lovely performance and her costume was just fabulous. A lovely student of Dalida’s whose name I cannot remember did an adorable, upbeat song and last was another fusion dancer, Milli, who incorporated a lot of various styles into her piece, making a very interesting performance.

Afterwards, we had a little break, Dalida came back and danced again and then another break and we all got up and danced, had a little dance contest which Milli won (go Milli!) and then finished the night with a wonderful, breathtaking Saiidi set by Dalida. She really is one of the best bellydancers it has been my pleasure to know.

It was so fun to see people I had already gotten to meet (shoutout to Addison of Easy Street Images!) and to meet new faces as well! The Dallas bellydance scene is really making me feel welcome and there are so many talented dancers in the area! We finished the evening off with dinner with a couple of Dallas friends, then trekked north for a nightcap with some more friends.

It was really an inspiring, rejuvenating night. I love being around people who love bellydance as much as I do, it just feeds some little part of me in a way nothing else can. And now I am getting ready for the next show, the next performance, always continuing the cycle. And I have been invited by Dalida to perform in the next “Dalida and Friends” show, September 8. I look forward to bringing something new (perhaps two?) and getting to see everyone again!

Smiles and shimmies, E 🙂

New Classes Start August 15!!


Beginning in August!!! Elena makes her return to teaching at Kristina’s Studio of Dance in Sherman, TX!! Two classes will be offered per week and these two classes are the basis to advancing further in Elena’s program.

Both classes will give you a solid foundation upon which to build your Bellydance technique and are unique in that they feature Elena’s own syllabus and format of moves. Elena incorporates not only over 12 years of Bellydance and World dance training, but the principles she learned as a classically trained ballet dancer and actress. For more information please email Elena at elewis4507@yahoo.com.

Classes are open to EVERYONE regardless of shape , size, age, physical limitations or gender! Come dance with us!

Class Schedule Beginning August 15, 2013

•Thursdays 12:30-1:30 pm Traditional Bellydance for Beginners
Learn the basic moves of this ancient art form and gain a solid foundation in how to move your body while exploring all aspects of Middle Eastern Dance. In this class we will cover basic technique, become familiar with Middle Eastern music and by the end of the six week session have learned to put the moves we learn together into a short combination.
•Sundays 3-4 pm Tribal Fusion Bellydance for Beginners
The “little sister” of Traditional Bellydance, Tribal Fusion draws inspiration from a variety of dance forms from Arabic nomadic tribes, to Flamenco, to Indian stylization, to the Jazz Age, fusing all these inspirations with Middle Eastern Dance. This fun, diverse style has something for everyone as the sky is the limit on what can be created in Fusion. We will learn the basics of Bellydance and how changing the moves and music makes them “Fusion”, gain a solid technique and by the end of the six weeks have built a short combination from the moves we have learned.
Class Prices and Packages

•6 Week Class Series- Pre- Registration July 24- August 14
•1 class per week- $60, 2 classes per week- $120
•Classes are ongoing and Drop ins are always welcome! $15 per class
Elena is available for 1 hour private and semi private lessons. Private/ semi privates can be utilized to work intensively on technique, focus on choreography, explore props or a specific style of dance or for those who prefer to learn in a one on one atmosphere. Elena is also available for Skype lessons! All you need is the internet and your webcam!

•1 dancer- $35
•2 or more dancers- $30 per dancer
Private lessons are currently offered from Elena’s home studio in Sherman, TX.