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Naughty Noel Performance Video

Naughty Noel Performance Video

Here’s the video from our show Saturday at Lemme Addams’ Naught Noel at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX.

We will be returning February 7, 2015 for a fun, vintage glam performance. Mark it on your calendars and come see us!

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Smilies and Shimmies 🙂 Elena

Avalouna at Naughty Noel

A Few More Thoughts On Pagan Pride Dallas


So I know, I already talked about PPD in my last post, but I wanted to talk a bit more. I was thrilled at the thought of doing this performance from the start, although my mother was not. I think she thought about smacking me in the hipscarf with her menorah for a bit. But to me that’s what an event like this is all about. People from all walks of life coming together to celebrate the earth and life and happiness. Lots of happiness. It was a lot of planning and rehearsing from the bellydancers, even though when I arrived at PPD I had only met one of the girls I danced with before. You never would have known would you? That’s the beauty of ATS.

The day came at it was perfect. Chilly, chilly weather, a beautiful location right on the lake and lots of happy people. I’m sure for many at PPD there was a much deeper spiritual event going on. For me, I felt a great sense of peace and happiness during the three hours I was at the event. The air itself seemed calm and blessed. I got to meet some lovely people, talk to some great vendors, performed for a good gathering of people under a beautiful tree and smile a lot!

It will remain one of my favorite performances for quite some time I think. I love performances where all you think of is happiness and joy. It reminded me of my dear drum circles I dance at monthly. But bigger and so much happiness. Maybe I’ll get poetic soon and write something to describe for you what it was like in more eloquent terms, but for now this shall have to suffice.

Smiles and shimmies. 🙂 E

On the way!!


Getting ready!


The stage!


Almost time to dance!