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Another Sale for A Happy New Year!!!


Ok guys! Thanks to the overwhelming response to my little holiday sale, I have decided to start off 2015 with ANOTHER sale! Everything left in my inventory is 25% until January 31!!! Coupon Code is NEWYEAR25. Thank you all so much for your support and get over and get something before they’re gone! I will not be making any exact duplicates of anything from last year, so if you want it, get it! 😀


Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 Elena



The Gypsy Vardo


Today at nearly 100 degrees outside, here in Texas, I am dreaming of cooler weather and quiet times. So I decided instead of writing a long post on some subject or another I would take a little trip through images of Gypsy Vardos.

As a little girl, one of my favorite book series was Nancy Drew and I remember one of the books featured a group of Gypsy (or technically Romani) people and there was violin music and a prince and a lot of people dancing around campfires before retiring to their vardos. Or, maybe I embellished it in my over-active imagination. Anyhow, after that book, I was hooked on “gypsy” stuff and have always loved the aesthetic and idea of the gypsy lifestyle.
A vardo is a horse drawn wagon that is built for the purpose of not only traveling, but living out of; like a little house on wheels. They come in many shapes and sizes from humble to extravagant and are a continuing symbol of the bohemian, romantic lifestyle we think of when we think of the Romani people.

Ok, now join me in a little pictorial tour through some of my favorite Vardo images.

Smiles and a dramatic violin trill 🙂 E