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Another Sale for A Happy New Year!!!


Ok guys! Thanks to the overwhelming response to my little holiday sale, I have decided to start off 2015 with ANOTHER sale! Everything left in my inventory is 25% until January 31!!! Coupon Code is NEWYEAR25. Thank you all so much for your support and get over and get something before they’re gone! I will not be making any exact duplicates of anything from last year, so if you want it, get it! 😀


Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 Elena


Bindis are Alive at Elena Lewis Designs!!


I’m so happy to announce the addition of Bindis to the Etsy shop! I have long wanted to make my own bindis and offer them others and now I get to do that! I’m using a lot of different materials in my bindis, tiny skeleton keys, cabochon vintage cameos, Turkoman buttons (dome and smooth!), vintage bits of broken earrings and of course, luscious, sparkly rhinestones and pearls. I’ve already got quite a collection up and am always available off custom and troupe orders!! 🙂

Pictured below is just a tiny bit of what I’ve got. Check out the Etsy store to order and for more bindis!!!

🙂 Smiles and shimmies












Two New Yoga Mat Designs


Two new yoga mat bags, just listed tonight, one silver and blue, the other blue and silver, these are glamorous and fun and just in time for last minute Christmas shopping! See them on Etsy here!!



🙂 Elena




New Fascinators in the Etsy Store!


I have two new fascinators up in the Etsy store, with more to come tonight. I’m currently listing 5 more fascinators, three new belts and who knows what’s next! I will be having a Black Friday sale this weekend, so get over there for some great deals!



🙂 Elena



Pins, Pins, Pins!


Hi there, my name is Elena and I am a Pinterestaholic. “Hi, Elena”

No, but really. I love Pinterest. Now of course I have the regular “Dream House”, “Food” and “I Really Do Love Muggle Knitting Patterns” boards just like the rest of the world, but I also pin A LOT of Bellydance stuff, from pretty pictures of awesome dancers to stretches to costuming ideas and makeup.

I was going to add a Pinterest widget, but I am obviously NOT technologically advanced to do so, so I’m just posting a post (posting a post? and the winner for best use of the English language is obviously me… 😉 with a link to my Pinterest page with the invitation to come on over and give me a follow! Do you post neat stuff? I’ll probably follow you back! 🙂

Smiles and Happy Pinning! 🙂 E

A Few Loves…


It feels like far more than 5 days since I last wrote! I spent the weekend tending poor Amber who is sick with what turns out to be… MONO!! Really? Mono! Poor thing. Before we knew it was mono, I thought it was just another case of tonsilitis and popped over to the Green Market for some more homeopathic sore throat pills. While there I found a brand new store with all kinds of new goodies! Some of the best were Almond Dream icecream (dairy and gluten free and amazing tasting!) an amazing variety of couscous and the best was a new food bar where they have hot foods and cold and on the cold bar I found Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and a lovely array of olives! Oh and veggie chips! It was heavenly! They also had a wonderful selection of tinned soups (not the Campbell’s variety) and I saw an interesting new line of frozen foods that would be wonderful for taking to work.

With those new finds I am over 5 days with no fast food! This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for a second shift hospital worker, the drive thru is often an easier choice than going home and cooking a meal, but I am determined to eat better and I am already feeling better because of it!

I am very, very busy at the moment, preparing to start teaching again (THIS WEEK!!!!), prepping for my upcoming 7 weekends straight of events and shows, and trying to get a new costume finished for the drum circle this month. Oh and stocking the Etsy store and picking performance pieces for my next three performances and umm sleeping.

I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with my little medallions right now. I love them! They are so cute and remind me of Tribal beaded medallions, plus I can make them in any color I want! And all different kinds of styles and shapes. I’m making a belt full of them as my newest ATS addition and plan on wearing it to the drum circle this month. Also I’m finally getting my Gillit Plate Tribal bra done and it will be premiered at the drum circle along with my new skirt! I love new pretties!

Crocheted Tribal Medallions made by me!

So there it is. I still have so many things on my agenda to get done on the weekends it’s ridiculous! Like getting really awesome pictures of everything I have amde to go in my Etsy store. And finishing the rest. And finishing a present for my lovely friend and teacher Jeanne before I see her in two weeks! And being very lazy! Ahhh, but I really am very lucky right now. I can see this weekend on the horizon and am determined to cross more things off the list without adding more!

And my final love? Pinteresting pictures of Fall things and hot cocoa!Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E

It’s Alive!!! My Etsy Page Is Alive!!!!


I am so, so, so excited to be making this announcement! I’ve a had a non functioning Etsy shop for about a year now, finding myself too busy to focus on it, but I have decided the time is now to launch it! It is still in it’s beginning stages, and thus very small, but it has started!

My first introduction is The Haunted Headdress line of headpieces! The name was inspired by one of the pieces, The Double Row Turkoman Button Tribal Bellydance Headpiece.

Jeanne in her headdress. The rest of the lovelies are from her own private collection!

The piece was commisioned by my dear friend Jeanne Mason-Howerton and while making it I experienced some very spooky happenings! (No but really, it was creepy!!) Upon finishing I told her via Facebook it was done, but not to hold me accountable if her headdress was haunted! I thought “Oooh, the Haunted Headdress, I like that!!” I also thought it was very fitting as a large majority of the time while I’m sewing I am watching horror movies!

So there it was. I have several more pieces in the works to add to the shop, as well as other pieces of costuming, such as bras, belts, skirts, bustles and coverups. I make pieces that are both ATS and Fusion friendly or can be worn for a myriad of other things! And who knows what I’ll come up with next! As i add things, I will post new items on here and you can visit and follow my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElenaLewisDesigns

Want a custom creation? I can do that too, and LOVE getting to work with clients to dream up and create the perfect pieces for them!

So there you have it!

Smiles, shimmies and sewing fun! 🙂 E

Hanging By A Thread


Today was the prep day. We went around town buying bathing suits (blog to come on that and self esteem soon, yikes!), sandals, shorts and other necessary items for our trip. Well of course under necessary items falls a little bling in the form of a new cartilage earring! There is a mall where we live, but it is pretty much a ghost town. There used to be this neat little body jewelry kiosk I got all kinds of nifty belly button rings at.

Well, my body jewelry kiosk is gone, but we did wander past a “Threading” kiosk. I had just been talking about how I needed to do something about my disgraceful eyebrows and voila! The solution! So of course we had to try. Now I am a giant baby. It hurt. I whined and even teared up a bit. (yeah, giant baby, I know). Amber was much less of a baby about it. The main difference between threading and waxing is the duration. Waxing, one good painful rip and you’re good per eye. This was a good three minutes each eye of painful rips. But it was less painful than waxing. And my eyebrows really do look fabulous.

They also had some products for sale and I jumped at the Pakistani kohl pencil she put on me. It was 7 bucks! And made my eyes pop. Silly kiosks. They always pull you in!! But at least this was money well spent. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with threading or go back to waxing, but I did love the shape I got. So I’d say, give threading a try. And if they have the kohl grab one!

And now, I must finish packing and perhaps a nap before the trek to the airport! Puerto Rico, here we come!

Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E

A Short Escape to the Harem


Disclaimer! This post has nothing to do with the validity of Bellydancing in Harems, the conditions of Harems, or whether or not the Harem ideal is in any way related to Bellydance. These are merely pieces of art featuring Harems that I like and wanted to share with you. There is a time and post for Bellydancing and Harems and it will happen, but not here.

So please, enjoy these pieces of art as I enjoyed them; for their beauty and idyllic setting.

🙂 Smiles and Twirls. E

I do not own any of these images. I just thought they were pretty.

Bellydance A La Mode: The Fashions of the Dance “Part 1: The Romantically Vintage Love of Tribal Fusion”


With my love of Bellydance comes a deep love of the Costuming side of Bellydance. I spend a lot of time not only creating my own costumes, but finding inspiration for them, collecting things that can one day become part of a costume, from vintage buttons to fabric finds at thrift stores to pieces of jewelry I take apart and make into other things. In this blog series which will be running on Mondays, we will be exploring the many facets of the different fashions of Bellydance and some of the people who create them. There won’t really be a rhyme or reason to the subjects, it’s kind of like Bingo, I’ll just pick one and write about it!

We begin this series with one of my personal favorites, the vintage stylings of Tribal Fusion.

Mardi Love
The beautiful Mardi Love looking like a Mucha come to life.

While being a fairly new dance form in the grand scheme of things Tribal Fusion and its dancers embrace a great love of all things old and strange and their costuming is no exception to this rule. Let’s explore some of the favored components of Tribal Fusion costuming.

Now that we’ve seen some of the individual components, let’s take a look at some of the iconic dancers who pioneered the “Romantic Vintage” nature of Tribal Fusion and how they use these components to create a look.

I have to admit, I’m not sure if it’s because of my love for clothes of the 20’s and 30’s or if I just think it’s pretty, but this style of costume tops my list for favorites among costuming. Of course, I love a lot of other styles too!

Are you a dancer or costumer and would like to be featured in Bellydance A La Mode: The Fashions of the Dance? Send me an email at elewis4507@yahoo.com or comment with your style of costuming and a couple of pictures that best show off your unique style! Solo dancers, duets, trios, troupes and everyone else are welcome!

Shimmies and smiles! 🙂