After a five year assistanship with Costume Mistress Kathleen Hardgrove of Southeastern Oklahoma State University and having worked on over 20 shows in the Costume Department, I broke out on my own and began doing professional seamstress work after college. I mainly got to work on a wide array of wedding dresses and after that period was over I decided I missed costumes and went back to creating my own.

Heavily influenced by my love of other eras I tend to gravitate towards the glamour of the 20’s and 30’s and the grandeur of the Victorian era. Mixing that with traditional Middle Eastern pieces and a lot of sparkle my costumes are a labour of love being completely hand constructed and often I will collect elements for years before I figure out what to do with them. I make most of my own costumes pieces and am available for custom orders.
I am also most recently developing a line of rehearsal and practice wear and a line of earthier bras and belts ideal for the ATS dancer. More to come soon!

All images are original designs by Elena Lewis and sole property of Elena Lewis, unless otherwise stated.

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