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It’s Almost A New Year!!!

It’s Almost A New Year!!!

Wow. 2014 was an amazing and hard year, for most people, as I’ve heard. We got the opportunity to do so many things, perform so many cool places and it was a blast! The girls married me off to the love of my life and we had a collectively ridiculously good time. 2014 was hard, too, for lots of people on a personal level. I felt it, too, and if you had a rough year, I am sorry and hope 2015 is much brighter.

So what do we have planned for 2015? Well we are (always) in the process of more bookings, adding shows and stuff, but we have some pretty neat things coming up!

First on the agenda is Jan 10’s show at Mable Peabody’s. We were asked by the lovely Lemme Addams to return to her show and perform at Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s 4th Anniversary! We, of course, said yes and started trying to decide what we wanted to do. I won’t give away any spoilers here, you’ll have to get your butt down to Mable’s in Denton around 10pm on the 10th to find out, or catch it on our YouTube channel, but I will say that we are performing a duet, Cassandra and I, and the tag line is “Bela Lugosi’s Dead with 2 Undead Sirens”. So chew on that a little! Also I will be performing a solo! While I solo during sets often, it’s rare for me to do a stand alone solo, but I am, and will be a “wayward gypsy lost in a jazz club!” So you don’t want to miss it!

Next on February 7, we will be back at Mable’s for the Bat’s World Charity Show, another show by Lemme and will be doing some slinky, Valentine’s lovey stuff!

February 14 will find us in Arkansas in Washington, which was apparently the first Capitol of the Confederate army. We will be joining our friends from O’Malley’s Prayer Band for a private event, but I’m sure there will be video! Yes, we’re taking the bellydance wives to a gig for Valentine’s Day. (They’re thoroughly looking forward to it. No but really, I think they’re bringing their swords!)

March 21, we will be heading back to Glen Rose, TX for Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest. Last year we performed at Weird Tex Fest at the same venue, which was put on by the same people! It was fabulous and we are super excited about it!

This event will also mark the premiere of the Murderous Ghosts set. I have a new thing I’m trying this year, which carries on our highly theatrical nature and takes it a step further by doing 25-30 minute “sets” which tell a full story sequentially through the music we pick and the dances themselves. Instead of just random songs put together, these will have a story. We have several of these in the works including the “Bad Girls” set and the revamped “Americana Grunge Steampunk” set. This will also offer private clients the ability to see a full show, and pick which one they would like to have at their event, if they don’t have something already in mind. We’re really excited about this new method and are hard at work at it!

Also at Unity Fest, I will be teaching a short workshop before our performance for FREE so, come see us dance and dance with me a little! It will be very beginner friendly and I believe 30 minutes long. They have some great speakers and vendors lined up for the show, too!

March 28 we will be appearing at The Re-Awakening in Dallas, further details TBA, though we are super pumped about this as we LOVED The Awakening last year.

And for April and beyond you will have to stay tuned as we are ironing out the calendar further! See below for links to purchase tickets for Lemme’s January 10 show at Mable Peabody’s in Denton and a link to purchase tickets to Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest! You have just a couple if days left for General Admission early bird pricing for that one so hop on it!!

Smiles and shimmies and Auld Lang Syne and whatnot! ๐Ÿ™‚ Elena

Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s 4th Anniversary show.

Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest.

Yule Part 1

Yule Part 1

This past weekend was very exciting and busy! Friday evening we had rehearsal and then we attended a Yule Party thrown by our dear friend, Angie. Last year we were the featured performers at her party, but this year we got to dress up in party dresses, eat, drink and be merry! We had a fabulous time. We also all bought our dresses at different times and it’s lucky we can’t decide on anything without getting the other two’s input, because we very nearly all ended up with the same dress!! Here’s some pictures from the party!

Smiles and shimmies and Yule festivities! ๐Ÿ™‚ Elena











Pictures, Pictures, All the Pictures!


Here’s a little photographic journey through our last few months! Hope you enjoy.

Smiles and shimmies, Elena ๐Ÿ™‚

With Captain Jack, our favorite Pirate at Pirate’s Ball! Sirens!!!!


Cassandra, beautifully modeling my new merchandise. ALL THE TASSEL BELTS!!!


Celebrating Amber’s birthday in style!


Zahra at Austin Pagan Pride


Cassandra at Austin Pagan Pride


My beautiful girls!


Me with beautiful friend and Avalouna lover, Cynthia, at DFW Pagan Pride


Dancing at DFW Pagan Pride with Stacy and Dayl


Having a pre performance giggle!


Magically, we made our logo happen mid performance with no prior discussion. Could they be more perfect?


I always adore dancing at Pagan Pride!


As always: Avalouna or Die, always!


Cassandra’s beautiful fan solo at Pirate’s Ball. She has created a wonderful vocabulary of ATSยฎ and fusion to be performed with fans.


Getting our sword on! We are working hard on a Fast ATSยฎ vocabulary.


Pre performance at Pirates Ball.


Cassandra’s beautiful handiwork on that headdress. Roaring 20s Siren. Yes ma’am!


Cassandra and Elena dancing at Callidora Tribal’s one year anniversary! At the very same Drum Circle around the Moon we first danced at together!


A sampling of Elena’s line of hand crocheted tassel belts.




And finally- a sneak peek of THE SAREE and matching bracelets!!


Summer Lovin’ and the Promise of Fall


Summer has officially drawn to a close and my favorite season, Fall is upon us. This summer was quiet for the Three Fates as we dealt with that pesky thing called life. We managed a little fun, though!

Cassandra and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Texarkana, TX and perform at The Pirate’s Ball, a benefit for the Texarkana Renaissance Faire. We had a fabulous host, met wonderful people, got to hang out with and compare sword sizes ๐Ÿ˜‰ with the lads of the fabulous O’Malleys Prayer Band. We also met Jack Sparrow!! Plus we got to enjoy the party, a rare event for bellydancers. It was held on a balmy summer evening in June on the picturesque grounds of the Ace of Clubs mansion. It was one of the most fun performances of my career. And we made our first appearance as sirens! Cassandra is amazing with a glue gun. It was agreed it was the best use of seashells the audience had ever seen!

After the ball we had the opportunity to tour the Ace of Clubs mansion at 11:30pm. The absolutely gorgeous home was uniquely constructed in that there is a door leading out of every room, so there was always an escape route! Makes you wonder what James Draughn the original owner was thinking! The house was gorgeous and very interesting. It also housed an enormous shoe collection- at least 300 pairs of beautiful shoes from the post WWII era. (I do love shoes!) The best part of the house though was just as you walk in there are two large pillars, black, with gold Fleur des Lis covering them. They were Avalouna pillars!!!

Mid summer, the tribes were informed by Mama Jeanne, director of Wild Sky Tribal that at our coming trip to TRF, Friday night would be a wedding. Finally, a month shy of three years of engagement, I will be marrying my beloved fiancรฉe, Amber. You can see Amber at every Three Fates performances, carrying things, running music and generally being a badass! The tribes rallied and we have been blessed with a Gypsy Tribal Bellydancers Wedding, October 24, 2014! We’re being thrown a wedding! It’s amazing and we feel so loved! Officiating the wedding will be Zahra and Maid of Honor is, of course, Cassandra. Avalouna is literally marrying me off!

September 14, Zahra and Cassandra journeyed to Austin, TX to perform at Austin Pagan Pride Day. They were absolutely stunning, as always and though I was sad not to be able to attend, I was very proud of them.

Today I got to perform with Dayl and Stacy of Wild Sky as honorary Avalouna members at DFW Pagan Pride Day! The first time I danced with them was Pagan Pride last year, so it was a neat experience. For ATSยฎ girls they rocked some ritualistic fusion! That’s the awesome thing about an ATSยฎ base: they will follow! And man, did they look fabulous! I said Tribal High Priestess and they delivered! I am so very thankful to them for stepping in and helping me out as my beautiful Zahra and Cassandra had personal things that prevented them from joining me.

Next weekend Oct 4&5 we will travel to Texarkana, AR to reunite with our pals from Pirate’s Ball for the Texarkana Renaissance Faire! We were thrilled to be invited and I will be joined by Jeanne and Amanda of Wild Sky, as once again, my girls have that pesky thing called life keeping them from me! Avalouna will be together for the wedding, though! We will be featured in Gypsy Camp at Texarkana, most likely engaging in raucous shenanigans with O’Malleys and will be performing on the Mainstage at 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Also we will be vending!!! Elena’s handmade tassel belts, bindis and headpieces as well as bindis by BirdieWren and parasols and other goodies!! Come see us and say hi!

It is a happy time of returning to dance after our summer break. And, today after our performance, we found it. THE saree. I have a wedding dress!!!! We also had chocolate fondue. It was fabulous.

Well, there’s a good catch up on what we’ve been up to and upcoming events. With fall comes a new year to me and it is a new year for Three Fates. Avalouna and Three Fates is also celebrating their one year anniversary at TRF. I love my girls and can’t wait for many for years with them! I also am loving getting to bring our sisters to the south into Avalouna performances and share our style with them. They are class acts and wonderful inspiring dancers. And they’re all so pretty!

Well, it’s the time where I need some tea and watch a little Poirot. I love that little Belgian Detective!!! Coming soon I have footage of today and our Steampunk sets to put up and I gave Pirates Ball all ready to share with you!
And pictures! Of everything!

Smiles and shimmies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Elena

Help Me Go to General Skills and Teacher Training!!!


Hey guys,

so here’s the deal. I am trying to raise funds to put down my deposit for General Skills and Teaching Training in August. I need $400 dollars to do that. I know the holidays are right around the corner, but if you would like to purchase a costume piece from me, everything I sell is currently going to this. I have been Bellydancing for over 12 years and this seems like the natural next step for me to further my training. I’m also offering a few “specials” in order to hopefully make my $400 goal. I will post pictures shortly with discounted prices. These prices are only for a short time!

If you don’t see something you’d like, feel free to contact me. Custom orders are also very discounted for the time being! I’d love to Mae you something and please help me go to this wonderful training!

To order please visit my Etsy site, all listings have been updated to reflect the sale. Everything has been updated to reflect Sale prices. Want something custom? Just send me a PM,custom is discounted right now too!!!

๐Ÿ™‚ E








Remember, Remember the Fifth of November


Hi guys!

It’s late and I’m tired, but I’m happy to report life has slowed down a bit and I am trying to fall back into a regular rehearsal schedule. So far so good, one mile walked every day and some drills. I’m really focusing on creating graceful slow moves in ATS. Slow moves can be very difficult and one thing I am really working on is making sure I don’t have any of that start, stopping between moves. Fluid graceful whole pieces is hard I think with the improvisational nature of ATS, but it’s my pet project for Callidora right now!

We are getting ready for the holiday season, finding music, deciding on costumes and polishing our glittery poinsettia’s!! Both troupes are very excited for our upcoming holiday performances!

I am working on quite a few new designs for bellydancers and things are popping up almost every other day in the Etsy store, so feel free to pop over there, have a look round or maybe buy something! Remember, I do custom orders and can literally sew you anything! (except pageant dresses. I don’t do pageant dresses!) Visit me here:

Well folks, it is late so I bid you a happy Guy Fawkes Day, I am cuddled up with my 3 little (fur) babies and there’s a gentle rain falling outside!

Goodnight! ๐Ÿ™‚ E

Pins, Pins, Pins!


Hi there, my name is Elena and I am a Pinterestaholic. “Hi, Elena”

No, but really. I love Pinterest. Now of course I have the regular “Dream House”, “Food” and “I Really Do Love Muggle Knitting Patterns” boards just like the rest of the world, but I also pin A LOT of Bellydance stuff, from pretty pictures of awesome dancers to stretches to costuming ideas and makeup.

I was going to add a Pinterest widget, but I am obviously NOT technologically advanced to do so, so I’m just posting a post (posting a post? and the winner for best use of the English language is obviously me… ๐Ÿ˜‰ with a link to my Pinterest page with the invitation to come on over and give me a follow! Do you post neat stuff? I’ll probably follow you back! ๐Ÿ™‚

Smiles and Happy Pinning! ๐Ÿ™‚ E

Summer Days…Drifting Away…


Well, folks, August is almost upon us! With but two days left in July, I am both reflecting on what the summer has brought so far, and looking forward to the adventures that are coming. This summer marks the 12th year that I have been bellydancing, and I love it even more now than the day I started. I made my return to performing in July with the best performance I have ever given and was met with such nice things said about it. Truthfully that performance could have made or break my big return to bellydancing (in my head, at least) and it made it in such a big way. While I love the way dancing makes ME feel, my favorite part has always been making OTHERS feel through my dancing. And I’ve got a lot of that on the horizon!

So in August! Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s going on!

August 4th, I will be appearing in Dallas bellydancer Dalida’s “Dalida and Friends” show in Plano, TX at the Celebration Event Center and Ballroom. Doors at 5:30, Show at 6. Tickets available at I can’t wait to perform at this event! Dalida is an amazing dancer and lovely person and I am honored to be sharing the stage with her and many other talented dancers. I’ll be performing a jazz age juicy fusion piece full of old school fun with some modern flair! I’ll also be (finally!) wearing my newly finished “Burgundy Ice” costume. This bad boy has been in the works for over a year and I am excited to bring it out!

August 10, I will be trekking down to Arlington to spend a little time with the ladies of Wild Sky Tribal and the lovely Jeanne Mason-Howerton for the Second Saturday Drum Circle at Feed You Head and a little post drum circle nosh and dancing at Narah Cafe! I love any excuse to pull out my ATS garb and I love spending time with my ATS sisters and getting to see them dance!

August 11 I am holding an Open House in Sherman at Kristina’s Studio of Dance to promote my classes beginning the next week! You can come by to register for classes or get information, I will be doing 4 mini classes, 2 Traditional, 2 Tribal Fusion and will be doing a little performance as well. Oh did I mention it’s free?!?! So come by for some free mini classes, to register for the six week series (don’t forget, register before it starts and you save a bundle on classes!!) or just to chat! I’m good with any or all!

August 15 my classes begin with Traditional Bellydance at 12:30 and August 18 at 3 with Tribal Fusion Bellydance. Remember all classes are Beginner Friendly!!!

August 24 is the August Drum Circle Round the Moon at 300 Little Mineral Blvd in Pottsboro, TX and I will be there with Cassandra Campbell, my lovely ATS partner and hopefully some others dancers, dancing the night away! Any and all are invited to come drum, dance or spectate at will!

And finally in August is August 30- September 1 in Denison, TX an ATS Drillhaus with Little Goddess Trybe of Denison and Jeanne Mason-Howerton of Wild Sky Tribal! I am really looking forward to this event as it’s not often a Bellydance event happens 15 from my house!!! Hopefully soon, between Heather Emory, director of Little Goddess and me events will be hopping around the Grayson county area far more often! Heather and Jeanne will be vending at the Drillhaus, so bring your piggy bank and buy some of their pretties!

It’s going to be a Bellydance filled month and on top of all listed I will be instructing regularly again and having regular private practice as well, plus working on things for my Etsy shop which will be popping up with Bellydance costume listings hopefully in the next week! I will have an annoucement about that, soon!!! Yay August! I can’t wait!

Smiles and shimmies! ๐Ÿ™‚ E

Adventures in Old San Juan


Soooooo many blog posts will come out of this trip, but as we sit here awaiting room service for my little brothers 8th birthday dinner (his choice!) I jus wanted to say how incredibly fun and beautiful this trip and place is so far! From adventures wandering through Old San Juan, the beauty of The Ritz, a trip to the beach today and a discovery that I do NOT like snorkeling and getting to see my family and spend time with them is just all so wonderful.

Tomorrow morning we are going to the rainforest!! I’m a little nervous, I’m afraid I’ll see a snake or lizards and just absolutely pee myself!!!! (if you love either, you are a better person than me. Wish them no harm, just to stay away from me!) Room service should be here soon, I’m going to run through music in my head I think. I have been very tired so far and haven’t gotten to practice like I wanted to, but have been exploring a new inspirational method I’ll reveal to you soon!

Here’s a few pictures from the adventures so far!

Smiles and shimmies! ๐Ÿ™‚ E







Summer Vacation is Not What It Used To Be


Tomorrow morning Amber and I will be hopping on a plane set for Puerto Rico to meet up with my family for our summer vacation! Who says you can’t still have awesome summer vacays when you’re grown up?! Plenty of dance is on the agenda, on the flight down I will be “skeletonizing” my performance pieces for the Masquerade Ball and I will be rehearsing for that daily during vacation. It might seems odd to a lot of people for a mask and full bustled skirt to be on a packing list for a vacation, but I like it!

I have a couple of tentative dance stops planned while in Puerto Rico, the main one I’m really hoping to do is a stop at the Arabian Fantasy school and meeting Yeshira for a class.

Bellydance especially is permeating my summer reading list, my iPad is all set with freshley downloaded books, “The Tribal Bible” by Kajira Djoumanaha crowns the pile as well as “Unveiling the Mystery of Choregraphy” by Sharon Ross, “Stories of A Travelling Bellydancer” by Zaina Brown and “Global Moves: Belly Dance as an Extra/Ordinary Space to Explore Social Paradigms in Egypt and Around the World” by Caitlin E. McDonald. I’m also toting a couple of my psychology books along for the ride. Can you tell I plan to lay on the beach and read a lot??

I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and will still be blogging, hopefully, depending upon the wifi, but am so, so excited not only to get away for a week, but to get to see my Dad and (oldest) little brother for their birthdays!

I’ve heard there are jungles in Puerto Rico, I hope we get to go to one! So, Bon Voyage!Smiles and Shimmies! ๐Ÿ™‚ E