Avalouna was founded in October 2013 by Artistic Director, Elena Lewis and Founding Company Members Cassandra Campbell and Zahra Johnson. Avalouna offers highly theatrical performances and focuses on themed sets that tell a story, though they do one off shorter performances as well.

The style of Avalouna is Tribal Fusion Bellydance, but they pull inspiration from all different styles of dance from across the world including the popular and temple dances of India and Asia, Flamenco, Romany, Trance dances of Egypt, Africa, Ritualistic dances from many cultures, Western styles of dance like ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical and from other styles of bellydance including Classical Egyptian Bellydance, ATS®, ITS, and more. Avalouna is not only focused on theatrical dance and storytelling, but highly ritualistic pieces. They combine pieces from all over the world and from all sorts of dance styles from the Saiidi Cane Dances of Upper Egypt to the Charleston. They often use modern or non- traditional music, but occasionally get a little more traditional in sound.

Since their formation they have been privileged enough to grace many stages from their premier as a company at Sunday Soiree’s Monsters Ball, to Dalida and Friends, Weird Tex Fest, The Awakening, recurring appearances at Drum Circles throughout the DFW area, featured performers at the 1st Annual Texarkana Pirates Ball, DFW Pagan Pride Day, the Texarkana Renaissance Festival and Lemme Addams’ Stardust Revue as well as private parties and events throughout the DFW region.







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