A Little Catch Up


I once read a blog in which the writer hadn’t posted for sometime, but said she had read never to apologize for going MIA for awhile, so she wouldn’t and neither will I. Suffice it to say that since my last post, it’s been a rough year personally. A little catch up for you, in July I performed at Furlesque at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX as the Raven Queen and it was a blast.

I got a new job, made some pretty things, sold some pretty things and then in October everything changed. One day I got off work early, did some errands, ended up at a friends house, freaked out, went home and two hours later it had been decided. I was moving to Los Angeles. So a week and a half later, with my apartment packed up awaiting movers to stow everything that would not fit into my Honda Accord I started driving west with my dog Sally.

Prior to leaving I spent time with my best friend David (we went to see Crimson Peak, the first movie we’d ever seen in a theater together!) and had some fun shenanigans. I saw a few other people, tried to sneak in visits to my favorite places in Dallas, spent my final weekend there with a wonderful person, we went to see a movie (also our first time seeing a movie in a theater, I guess it was a theme), went to eat at favorite places, visited the Dallas Museum of Art, found a wonderful little French bistro where we had desert and coffee, watched more movies and finally I performed my last show as a Dallas Bellydancer, a solo at A Sunday Soiree’s Monster’s  Ball. Before the show I popped into The Labyrinth, a wonderful little witchy store and across from it a shop named Voodoo Chile, a thrift store that is amazingly weird, run by a man who played guitar for Jimi Hendrix at the Whiskey A Go-Go back in the day.

Leaving was easy. It’s been difficult getting used to my new surroundings. I’ve started taking classes at Aubre Hill’s Movement Art Space with Jenn Aguilar and will be performing in the Bellydance Nutcracker on Saturday and MAS’ Winter Recital Sunday. I return to Dallas for the very last 3rd Coast Tribal Festival the 7-11 (ish) of January where I will be performing a solo on Saturday night of the festival. It’s getting easier and I feel very much like I do when I see the lights of downtown Dallas as when I see the lights of Downtown Los Angeles now.

So there’s the catchup! I promise I’ll be posting more and keeping you all up to date with my LA adventures. You can also visit http://www.starsinroses.wordpress.com to read more about the lead up to my trip, about it and more daily adventures.

For now shimmies and smiles,

Xoxo, Elena


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