Remember, Remember the Fifth of November


Hi guys!

It’s late and I’m tired, but I’m happy to report life has slowed down a bit and I am trying to fall back into a regular rehearsal schedule. So far so good, one mile walked every day and some drills. I’m really focusing on creating graceful slow moves in ATS. Slow moves can be very difficult and one thing I am really working on is making sure I don’t have any of that start, stopping between moves. Fluid graceful whole pieces is hard I think with the improvisational nature of ATS, but it’s my pet project for Callidora right now!

We are getting ready for the holiday season, finding music, deciding on costumes and polishing our glittery poinsettia’s!! Both troupes are very excited for our upcoming holiday performances!

I am working on quite a few new designs for bellydancers and things are popping up almost every other day in the Etsy store, so feel free to pop over there, have a look round or maybe buy something! Remember, I do custom orders and can literally sew you anything! (except pageant dresses. I don’t do pageant dresses!) Visit me here:

Well folks, it is late so I bid you a happy Guy Fawkes Day, I am cuddled up with my 3 little (fur) babies and there’s a gentle rain falling outside!

Goodnight! 🙂 E


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