I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally knackered. The last couple of weeks have taken their toll. I haven’t even done anything the past two weekends! More than anything, I am tired in my head. Do you ever feel like that? You’re body is relatively okay, but you brain feels like if you do anything but sit or lay and stare at stuff you might actaully turn to jelly? Yeah, I’m there. And when I get there I’ve found there are a few things I need to do.

First is re-evaluate and take some things off my plate. Right now that is sewing. Now I’m still sewing. Just accepting the fact I don’t have to have a completely new costume for every performance. Also paring my sewing to do list. Putting a couple of things on hold and finishing some stuff up.

Second I need to dance. But wait, shouldn’t you rest? Yes! But also dancing is relaxing to me. So when I start feeling like this I know I’m focusing too much on things surrounding the dance and not dance itself.

Third I need to knit something. Yes that’s right knit. Something that cannot possibly be used for bellydance. Like a scarf. I think I’ll start a scarf. Or finish Amber’s hat. Yes, I’ll do that. Just in time for fall!

Fourth I need tea. I’ve always loved tea and there’s something so relaxing about the ritual of tea, even when drunk out of a white styrofoam cup at work, when it contains a lovely tea it automatically is so much more relaxing than the brash hustle and bustle of my beloved black coffee.

So tonight on this cloudy late summer evening as I sit wishing for rain, crisp weather and a movie-date with my sweetie, I’m drinking tea and trying to relax. Remembering to drink things in the way you do with tea. You don’t gulp down a good cup of tea trying to finish as soon as possible. You drink it slowly, savoring the flavors and the warmth. We should treat life the same way.

Smiles, tea and shimmies! 🙂 Elena


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