From The Belly of a Traveler


So I’ve hit on this blog a couple of times before, but hadn’t really gotten the time to sit and read it until recently. And I am in love. Written by Kristine Adams, dancer and teacher with FCBD and ATSer extraordinaire, this blog chronicles Kristine’s jaunt about the WORLD spreading ATS everywhere she goes. Now you all know I love ATS and I love adventures, too. And this is the adventure of a lifetime! I am adoring looking at her pictures, watching her videos and reading her tales of her travels throughout these different places, a lot, way off the beaten track. I especially love reading how she finds dance and ATS in the tiniest pockets throughout the world.

Kristine Adams

She has been on her adventure for over a year now and has no end in sight. If you like ATS, bellydance, adventures, or good stories, check out her blog.

Also, keeping in mind that adventures and stories have all sorts of unforeseen expenses and problems she does have a link to give her a little donation, if you can, to keep the journey alive! I am inspired to come up with a way to help Kristine out a little if possible and will be working on this in the next little bit. Maybe something that also spreads ATS to people and can help her journey out too?

Anyways, smiles and Ghawazee shimmies till next time! 🙂 E


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