“Dalida and Friends” Hafla


Last night I had the great honor to perform at August’s “Dalida and Friends” Hafla in Plano, TX. The show is a monthly event produced by Dallas bellydancer Dalida. From a dancer’s perspective, this show was just so well produced and managed. We were able to get ready in the studio also housed in the Celebration Event Center and Ballroom and Dalida was a wonderful hostess, providing us with water and plenty of friendly chatter backstage.

The venue itself is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely large dancefloor surrounded by tables was a great space to dance, especially with the backdrop of a fully mirrored stage platform and a very interesting architectural point- the red walls of the space are mirrored! The crowd was small this month, but it afforded a very intimate setting and I really loved the opportunity of connecting with every member of the audience.

There were some lovely performances, Dalida started the show off with a beautiful fan veil routine, then Jere Luttner did a lovely, sassy double cane Saiidi performance. I was next with my 20’s modern inspired Fusion piece. I really loved getting to perform something so different from my set for the Masquerade Ball. This was upbeat, fun and I tossed in a nice drop just cause I felt like it! Shannon Varnado was next with a fabulous Egyptian routine and Saritza did a lovely performance and her costume was just fabulous. A lovely student of Dalida’s whose name I cannot remember did an adorable, upbeat song and last was another fusion dancer, Milli, who incorporated a lot of various styles into her piece, making a very interesting performance.

Afterwards, we had a little break, Dalida came back and danced again and then another break and we all got up and danced, had a little dance contest which Milli won (go Milli!) and then finished the night with a wonderful, breathtaking Saiidi set by Dalida. She really is one of the best bellydancers it has been my pleasure to know.

It was so fun to see people I had already gotten to meet (shoutout to Addison of Easy Street Images!) and to meet new faces as well! The Dallas bellydance scene is really making me feel welcome and there are so many talented dancers in the area! We finished the evening off with dinner with a couple of Dallas friends, then trekked north for a nightcap with some more friends.

It was really an inspiring, rejuvenating night. I love being around people who love bellydance as much as I do, it just feeds some little part of me in a way nothing else can. And now I am getting ready for the next show, the next performance, always continuing the cycle. And I have been invited by Dalida to perform in the next “Dalida and Friends” show, September 8. I look forward to bringing something new (perhaps two?) and getting to see everyone again!

Smiles and shimmies, E 🙂


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