New Classes Start August 15!!


Beginning in August!!! Elena makes her return to teaching at Kristina’s Studio of Dance in Sherman, TX!! Two classes will be offered per week and these two classes are the basis to advancing further in Elena’s program.

Both classes will give you a solid foundation upon which to build your Bellydance technique and are unique in that they feature Elena’s own syllabus and format of moves. Elena incorporates not only over 12 years of Bellydance and World dance training, but the principles she learned as a classically trained ballet dancer and actress. For more information please email Elena at

Classes are open to EVERYONE regardless of shape , size, age, physical limitations or gender! Come dance with us!

Class Schedule Beginning August 15, 2013

•Thursdays 12:30-1:30 pm Traditional Bellydance for Beginners
Learn the basic moves of this ancient art form and gain a solid foundation in how to move your body while exploring all aspects of Middle Eastern Dance. In this class we will cover basic technique, become familiar with Middle Eastern music and by the end of the six week session have learned to put the moves we learn together into a short combination.
•Sundays 3-4 pm Tribal Fusion Bellydance for Beginners
The “little sister” of Traditional Bellydance, Tribal Fusion draws inspiration from a variety of dance forms from Arabic nomadic tribes, to Flamenco, to Indian stylization, to the Jazz Age, fusing all these inspirations with Middle Eastern Dance. This fun, diverse style has something for everyone as the sky is the limit on what can be created in Fusion. We will learn the basics of Bellydance and how changing the moves and music makes them “Fusion”, gain a solid technique and by the end of the six weeks have built a short combination from the moves we have learned.
Class Prices and Packages

•6 Week Class Series- Pre- Registration July 24- August 14
•1 class per week- $60, 2 classes per week- $120
•Classes are ongoing and Drop ins are always welcome! $15 per class
Elena is available for 1 hour private and semi private lessons. Private/ semi privates can be utilized to work intensively on technique, focus on choreography, explore props or a specific style of dance or for those who prefer to learn in a one on one atmosphere. Elena is also available for Skype lessons! All you need is the internet and your webcam!

•1 dancer- $35
•2 or more dancers- $30 per dancer
Private lessons are currently offered from Elena’s home studio in Sherman, TX.


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