July Drum Circle Round the Moon


With the second month of attending this event, I found that it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things. I normally prepare extensively for performances, but this event has a relaxed air that welcomes everyone to come and join in to the drumming or dancing or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Walking down to the section of beach it is held at we were met with happy greetings that we had arrived and were told several people had asked if “the bellydancers” were coming back. (I always think it’s neat when I get called that! Hehe! Makes me feel like a princess or something!) We relaxed next to the water as we waited for the sun to set a tad more and then the fire was lit and the drums were warmed up and everyone got tuned in to a similar rhythm as a young man ran around the circle with incense, dancing as he went, enveloping us in a protective, energetic circle.

This was the first time we had been there for the beginning and it was really quite a magical event to be a part of. Cassandra and I began the dance part of the evening by doing Puja, (the moving meditation that begins most ATS classes) as our own sort of incense round the fire and then went right into dancing! We had some lovely drummers playing for us that night and it was fun to have people from the crowd come up and dance too!

The informal structure of the drum circle means that while we primarily perform ATS at the event we occasionally branch off into other stuff too ,so spontaneously I asked Cassandra how she would like to learn a little about Zaar trance dance and she was game so we got down in the sand in front of the fire, I gave her a quick crash course and we did some Zaar under the full moon, to the wonderful beat of the live drums. Another fun highlight we had was a good spirited shimmy off with a gentleman playing a tambourine!

As is a post show ritual we ended up at IHOP for a little post show nosh and for the first time ever I was asked to dance in IHOP! My fellow dancers gave me a beat on the table and Cassandra and I gave a solid display of Egyptian for the curious midnight eaters.

I look forward to August’s drum circle which will be held on the 24th (Saturday at 300 Little Mineral Blvd, Pottsoro, TX. Here are a few photos from the night.

Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E


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