Adventures in Old San Juan


Soooooo many blog posts will come out of this trip, but as we sit here awaiting room service for my little brothers 8th birthday dinner (his choice!) I jus wanted to say how incredibly fun and beautiful this trip and place is so far! From adventures wandering through Old San Juan, the beauty of The Ritz, a trip to the beach today and a discovery that I do NOT like snorkeling and getting to see my family and spend time with them is just all so wonderful.

Tomorrow morning we are going to the rainforest!! I’m a little nervous, I’m afraid I’ll see a snake or lizards and just absolutely pee myself!!!! (if you love either, you are a better person than me. Wish them no harm, just to stay away from me!) Room service should be here soon, I’m going to run through music in my head I think. I have been very tired so far and haven’t gotten to practice like I wanted to, but have been exploring a new inspirational method I’ll reveal to you soon!

Here’s a few pictures from the adventures so far!

Smiles and shimmies! đŸ™‚ E








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