Summer Vacation is Not What It Used To Be


Tomorrow morning Amber and I will be hopping on a plane set for Puerto Rico to meet up with my family for our summer vacation! Who says you can’t still have awesome summer vacays when you’re grown up?! Plenty of dance is on the agenda, on the flight down I will be “skeletonizing” my performance pieces for the Masquerade Ball and I will be rehearsing for that daily during vacation. It might seems odd to a lot of people for a mask and full bustled skirt to be on a packing list for a vacation, but I like it!

I have a couple of tentative dance stops planned while in Puerto Rico, the main one I’m really hoping to do is a stop at the Arabian Fantasy school and meeting Yeshira for a class.

Bellydance especially is permeating my summer reading list, my iPad is all set with freshley downloaded books, “The Tribal Bible” by Kajira Djoumanaha crowns the pile as well as “Unveiling the Mystery of Choregraphy” by Sharon Ross, “Stories of A Travelling Bellydancer” by Zaina Brown and “Global Moves: Belly Dance as an Extra/Ordinary Space to Explore Social Paradigms in Egypt and Around the World” by Caitlin E. McDonald. I’m also toting a couple of my psychology books along for the ride. Can you tell I plan to lay on the beach and read a lot??

I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and will still be blogging, hopefully, depending upon the wifi, but am so, so excited not only to get away for a week, but to get to see my Dad and (oldest) little brother for their birthdays!

I’ve heard there are jungles in Puerto Rico, I hope we get to go to one! So, Bon Voyage!Smiles and Shimmies! 🙂 E


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