Hanging By A Thread


Today was the prep day. We went around town buying bathing suits (blog to come on that and self esteem soon, yikes!), sandals, shorts and other necessary items for our trip. Well of course under necessary items falls a little bling in the form of a new cartilage earring! There is a mall where we live, but it is pretty much a ghost town. There used to be this neat little body jewelry kiosk I got all kinds of nifty belly button rings at.

Well, my body jewelry kiosk is gone, but we did wander past a “Threading” kiosk. I had just been talking about how I needed to do something about my disgraceful eyebrows and voila! The solution! So of course we had to try. Now I am a giant baby. It hurt. I whined and even teared up a bit. (yeah, giant baby, I know). Amber was much less of a baby about it. The main difference between threading and waxing is the duration. Waxing, one good painful rip and you’re good per eye. This was a good three minutes each eye of painful rips. But it was less painful than waxing. And my eyebrows really do look fabulous.

They also had some products for sale and I jumped at the Pakistani kohl pencil she put on me. It was 7 bucks! And made my eyes pop. Silly kiosks. They always pull you in!! But at least this was money well spent. I’m not sure if I’ll stay with threading or go back to waxing, but I did love the shape I got. So I’d say, give threading a try. And if they have the kohl grab one!

And now, I must finish packing and perhaps a nap before the trek to the airport! Puerto Rico, here we come!

Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E


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