September in the Bayou


I am beyond excited because this morning I recieved confirmation of a performance I have really been wanting to do! In September I will be attending workshops with Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott in Baton Rouge hosted by Valkyrie Rouge. There will be a hafla following the workshops on Saturday, June 22 and I will be performing! This will be the debut of a piece I have already been working on for about a month, it is very special to me as it pays homage to a lot of my favorite things.

Just in case you don’t know me, I have a great love for all things creepy and odd and one of my favorite movies is The Skeleton Key. Hoodoo is a favorite research subject of mine, and I once played a Voodoo Priestess in a show. So with this performance I will be bringing a little of the odd, a smidge of the creepy, definitely some Skeleton Key influences (music, perhaps?) and inspirations from spanish moss and dark bayous will abound. And of course, I’m bringing my very own little Louisiana girl along for the ride, so if you’re in Baton Rouge you’ll get to meet her! :))

Smiles and creepy shimmies (can you do a creepy shimmy?? I’m going to spend a big chunk of practice time coming up with a creepy shimmy I feel.) 🙂 E


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