Performance Spotlight! Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott at Tribal Solstice 2013


So, I love Cyndi’s performance style so much! She is the director of Irie Tribal, makes beautiful costuming and is (from what I’ve heard!) a fabulous teacher! I was depressed not to get to meet her at the Tulsa Drillhaus as she led it, but will be attending her workshops in Baton Rouge, LA in September.

A couple of really nifty things about Cyndi’s performing aesthetic, though she is an ATS dancer through and through she performs a lot of solos. ATS is not a solo dance form, primarily, but Cyndi has really managed to bring the ATS solo to something that is dynamic and fun to watch. As lovely as she is when performing with Irie, I just adore her solos.

My biggest point about her (fabulous technique) is; check out that ending! Man, does she stick that stop after all those spins. Amazing! And that Cyndi smile just shows how much she adores dancing. and now, without further ado, I give you her performance this past weekend at Tribal Solstice 2013.

Feast your eyes! Smiles and shimmies! 🙂 E


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