A Rose By Any Other Name


Tonight I am musing about names. When I began my first foray into teaching I wanted a name. Not for me, I have a name. I like my real name so much, I’ve never even considered having a stage name. It’s served me well so far. No, I wanted a name for people to remember. A name for my business and my company. I chose Callidora, which is Greek, and means gift of beauty. I chose this name to pay homage to my first bellydance experience coming from a Greek background and because I wanted to give the gift of beauty through dance to my students and through performance.

I still want a name. But now I’m wondering if I need one for just myself or if I should save it for the day when I have little dancing minions and give it to them. Do I keep the same name I once chose or do I choose another?

So as I prepare to begin teaching once more, amid all my charts and graphs and lists as I create a curriculum and format, I languish with the thought of a name and the meanings behind them.

Do roses smell as sweet no matter what you call them?

Smiles and Shimmies, šŸ™‚ E


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