Rehearsal Focus #1


In this ongoing series, I will be sharing with you some of the rehearsal tidbits I am utilizing to further my dance. Some may be specific drills, some may be ideas to get you going, some may be actually combos, and some may be completely off the wall, like this one!

Focus #1 comes to you straight from my rehearsal last night. I asked my darling fiancee to sit in, give me feedback and likes and dislikes. The first time around she was a quiet observer. Then I told her she could yell at me if she liked to change things. Second time around she did! And her main complaint was with my face! (Sounds really rude right?!) But, it was helpful. For a former actress I have really weird facial expressions when I peform. So she gave me the following drill which is yours to do what you will with.

Stand in front of a mirror. Take a simple move like a chest lift. Now start going. Put it on auto pilot. You got that chest lift. (Or whatever move you pick. She made me do chest lifts, because I apparently have a half smile, half surprised look on my face everytime I do one.) Now every chest lift do a different facial expression. Smile, frown, raise some eyebrows, stick you tongue out, whatever. Do that until you run out of steam or are collapsed in a heap laughing at yourself. Whichever comes first.

Sounds crazy, I know, but it really made me think about not just plastering a smile on and connecting not only with my music better, but my movements. A single movement can tell a myriad of stories, all by how you present it!

Smiles and Chest Lifts! 🙂 E*Rehearsal inspiration by Amber Winnett


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