Performance Spotlight!! Mira Betz at Split Tribal Fest 2012.


I first found Mira Betz while watching the performance DVD Tribal Revolution from Hollywood Music. She performed a “Cabaribal” piece to Bound by Dan Cantrell. I was absolutely mesmerized. She was controlled and fluid and told a story with her dancing in a way I hadn’t seen before. I watched that performance so many times.

At the time I was unable to dance. It was right after a massive car wreck shortly before I turned 19. I spent most of my time propped up in bed not doing much of anything. But through a wonderful massage therapist and bellydance I was able to dance again. I completely attribute my return to normal life to these two things. And in my tentative dancing days during my recovery I held Mira’s style in my head and heart.

This performance of hers embodies so many things about her performance style and technical ability that I love. She is powerful, yet graceful and usually brings an element of humour to her dance.


Smiles and a head roll! 🙂 E

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