Have Feet. Will Dance.


Happy Monday everyone!!! “Why on Earth is she so happy about Monday?” I hear you asking yourself. Well, because I had an awesome weekend, only have a four day workweek and then am off for my first weekend of two in a row filled with bellydance adventures! The title of this post is not my own, I admit it. Jeanne Mason- Howerton said the above on a Facebook page on Saturday and I literally laughed out loud and thought how true for so many of us that saying was. It just made me happy!

So what did I spend my weekend doing? Well we had a lovely big sleepover with our friend Bethany and a house full of happy puppies and one cool cat. The best part of that sleepover? Welcoming my new baby home! For a long time now (surprising as apparently this is to people who know me) I have wanted a “purse dog”. A tiny little baby girl that will fit in my purse and who is rather needy to pay me lots of attention! Haha! On Saturday, Amber surprised me with the fact that she had found a nine week old Yorkie Poo who was mine if I wanted her. Of course I wanted her!!! So us and Bethany went to pick her up. She was very dirty, skittish and I am very dubious about the legitimacy of person we got her from. However, she is an absolute sweetheart who decided she loved me very quickly and Amber not too long after. She weighs around 1.5 lbs and wears an XXXSmall in little dresses. Or sweaters as the case may be since she gets very cold. I named her Sally after my beloved Sally Brown from the Peanuts Comics.

After playing with Sally, tearing myself away for dinner with the ladies and then going home, watching some HGTV, I got absolutely NOTHING done dance wise! Sunday was a lazy day too, playing with Bethany’s babies (who were very well behaved), Miss Sally gets used to things and pizza and Miss Congeniality. So all my plans of going sword hunting in Dallas, fabric shopping and gallavanting to the drum circle were naught. I ordered my sword online and am praying it arrives by Friday.

I don’t know how I’m going to leave Sally at home, I love my other babies and Amber of course, but I’ve waited a long time for my little girl! Yes, I will be making her tutus and hip scarves to wear. Very, very tiny ones! Tonight brings hardcore preparation for my upcoming performance and reviewing my ATS vocabulary to be fully prepared for this weekend! I have found another online class resource and plan to try it out. I’ll be doing a review of it to let you guys know what I think of it. 🙂 Yipyip!

Please try not to be overwhelmed by my extreme weekend glamour. I know. It’s tough. 😉

Smiles and shimmies! :)E


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