Turkish Drops and Weekend Fun!


Happy Friday!!!!! After a crazy week with a messed up schedule in the Muggle job, I am ready for a relaxing weekend. I love my Muggle job, but am always happier when my schedule is steady. One more week of weirdness, then back to normal!

Next week is but a 4 day work week for me, though as I will be off Friday to trek down to Azle, TX for a weekend of workshops with the lovely Jeanne Mason-Howerton. Which brings me to what I’m doing this weekend! I have to buy a sword. No, but really! Jeanne’s teaching a sword workshop next weekend and it’s long been a dream of mine to be able to balance something on my head while I dance and also be able to bop someone with it, if need ever arise. (A running joke among some of my old intermediate students was that I would thwack them with my Saiidi stick if they got out of line or didn’t have good posture! Don’t worry, no bellydancers were thwacked in the making of this blog!)

So, I need a sword. Since it’s only a week until I go to Jeanne’s I’m worried about ordering a sword and getting it here in time. So we’re going to troll about Dallas tomorrow, I think in search of one. I’d love to hit up Harry Hines and maybe go to Michaels too! I always shop better when Amber’s with me. I’m also trying to convince the lady to take me to the Second Saturday Drum Circle in Arlington at Feed Your Head to see Jeanne with Wild Sky Tribal and Co. perform. Of course, this is all subject to me not being a lazy bum and getting out of the house this weekend! Also on the agenda is getting my dance mirrors hung in my dance space at home, finishing up a choreography, working on costumes and watching Netflix.

Next weekend, of course I’ll be in Azle and then the following weekend I will be heading up to the ATS Drillhaus with Raks Al Hassana at Tallgrass Studio. So much bellydancing!!! I was presented to perform in a show sponsored by the lovely Kadee Sky at Goodtimes, but it conflicted with the Raks Al Hassana event. 😦 Sad day!

I am working on promotional materials for my new classes and looking at more performances and am getting really excited.

And the best part of this week so far and part of this post’s title? Last night I had a two hour rehearsal after work. I did class 4 of Colette Todorov’s Beginner ATS series on Datura Online and then went straight into working on choreography. In the middle though I got this crazy feeling, started spinning, got a little nervous, but kept on, then BAM! A tiny hop and I dropped to the floor, booty on the ground, arm in the air, in the first Turkish Drop I have attempted in well over a year. It was EXHILIRATING. I just stuck it. I had no clue I could still do that. Then I tried again. And it was not nearly as pretty. Because I got scared of it before I even started.

I don't know who they are, so if you do, please tell me so I can credit them, they are lovely, though!

I don’t know who they are, so if you do, please tell me so I can credit them, they are lovely, though!

So with that, I leave you this Friday saying this; Don’t dance like no one is watching. Dance like your knees have never bruised from a Turkish Drop and you have no fear. Afraid of choreography? Start with simply what your feet are doing. I promise, before you know it you’ll be dancing with more than your feet. Afraid of improv? Just put your favorite song on and if all you can do is walk around in time to the beat for 4:30 minutes; do it! I bet at some point something else will want to move. Be free with your dance and let yourself go. Dance is your time. Use your practice time for you. You will find sometimes it’s nice to know everything about your ultimate dance partner: You.

Smiles and Turkish Drops! 🙂 E


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