June, You’re Being Good To Me! Exciting Announcements, Haflas, Hip Belts and Chocolate Cake!


Ok, so really, June has given me NO chocolate cake. But I plan on changing that very soon! We are only on our 5th day of June, though and so far the month has been pretty alright. What’s going on? I’ll tell you!

On Monday I had a meeting that I had been waiting quite a while for. It was with the lovely Kristi Beeler of Kristina’s Studio of Dance. At the end of this meeting it was finalized that in August I will be making my return to teaching Bellydance. It’s been over a year since I stoppped teaching and I miss it so very much. The studio is adorable with big mirrors, a lovely hardwood floor and plenty of space for lots of shimmies! And Kristi was lovely and supportive and excited about the idea of bellydancers coming to her studio! I could not have been more thrilled!!

Next, last night it was finalized that later this month, June 22nd to be precise, in Tulsa, OK, I will be performing for the first time in over two years. It will be at Raks Al Hassana’s Hafla following their ATS Drillhaus on Saturday and I will be performing not one, but two pieces for the show. I am beyond ecstatic to be returning to all aspects of the Bellydance life, especially to performing. I will post details about the show as soon as I know more, if you’re in the area I would love for you to come out and see me! I’ll be bringing two brand new choreographies with me!

Also if you’re in the area this Drillhaus, hosted at Tallgrass Studios is looking to be quite the ATS weekend extravaganza, so if you’ve got a basic ATS knowledge and want to join in the fun, I can give you the details. This is a two day event and it is free!

What else is going on in June? Well I am mad at work on some new costumes, I have a photoshoot coming up with the talented Rachel Lewis Photography (for those of you who don’t know, my first name is Rachel. Isn’t that neat??). The weekend of June 14th I will be heading down to Azle, TX with some of the members of the Little Goddess Trybe of Denison to Jeanne Mason-Howertons home where we get to partake of her wealth of knowledge in two days of ATS drills, sword work and spins! (She also said she’s gonna feed us! Yipyip!) I have a project in the works for Miss Jeanne and I am determined to finish it up and take it with me to her. It’s my first foray into ATS costuming and, trust me there will be pictures when finished!

For the moment, that rounds out June plans. So much fun stuff! I am also in the process, now, of restructuring my curriculum for my dance classes and the change is going to be dramatic when they start back up. Incorporating lots of different ideas and training methods into it, to bring my students the best possible dance education they can get.

So, there it is, my June update. Looking forward to every mad minute as I rush to get it all done.

Here is the website for Kristina’s Studio of Dance , http://www.kristinasstudioofdance.com/

And here is the link for Raks Al Hassana, if you want to give them a look! http://www.raksalhassana.com/

For more updates, like my Facebook page!

Smiles and shimmies! E


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