A Little Catch Up


I once read a blog in which the writer hadn’t posted for sometime, but said she had read never to apologize for going MIA for awhile, so she wouldn’t and neither will I. Suffice it to say that since my last post, it’s been a rough year personally. A little catch up for you, in July I performed at Furlesque at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX as the Raven Queen and it was a blast.

I got a new job, made some pretty things, sold some pretty things and then in October everything changed. One day I got off work early, did some errands, ended up at a friends house, freaked out, went home and two hours later it had been decided. I was moving to Los Angeles. So a week and a half later, with my apartment packed up awaiting movers to stow everything that would not fit into my Honda Accord I started driving west with my dog Sally.

Prior to leaving I spent time with my best friend David (we went to see Crimson Peak, the first movie we’d ever seen in a theater together!) and had some fun shenanigans. I saw a few other people, tried to sneak in visits to my favorite places in Dallas, spent my final weekend there with a wonderful person, we went to see a movie (also our first time seeing a movie in a theater, I guess it was a theme), went to eat at favorite places, visited the Dallas Museum of Art, found a wonderful little French bistro where we had desert and coffee, watched more movies and finally I performed my last show as a Dallas Bellydancer, a solo at A Sunday Soiree’s Monster’s Β Ball. Before the show I popped into The Labyrinth, a wonderful little witchy store and across from it a shop named Voodoo Chile, a thrift store that is amazingly weird, run by a man who played guitar for Jimi Hendrix at the Whiskey A Go-Go back in the day.

Leaving was easy. It’s been difficult getting used to my new surroundings. I’ve started taking classes at Aubre Hill’s Movement Art Space with Jenn Aguilar and will be performing in the Bellydance Nutcracker on Saturday and MAS’ Winter Recital Sunday. I return to Dallas for the very last 3rd Coast Tribal Festival the 7-11 (ish) of January where I will be performing a solo on Saturday night of the festival. It’s getting easier and I feel very much like I do when I see the lights of downtown Dallas as when I see the lights of Downtown Los Angeles now.

So there’s the catchup! I promise I’ll be posting more and keeping you all up to date with my LA adventures. You can also visit http://www.starsinroses.wordpress.com to read more about the lead up to my trip, about it and more daily adventures.

For now shimmies and smiles,

Xoxo, Elena

New Show and Event Additions!Β 


Whew! We’ve had a busy few weeks and I PROMISE I’m going to write a nice long blog post about each one soon PLUS we have a big announcement coming up soon! For now, I wanted to check in and let you know our next few events so you can plan to be there! 

This Saturday at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX Avalouna will be appearing in Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s Gaga A Gogo Again! show at 10pm. This is our first show since being confirmed as official members if Whiskey Tongue Burlesque, so we’re super excited about it! Come see us do some Bellydancing to Judas and Applause!  I’ll also be vending my wares, so come get a pretty. I’ll be bringing mainly my sparkliest stuff from Elena Lewis Designs. 


Next we’ve got the Monster Improv’s Vintage Jazz Bash on April 10 at 3730 McKinney St Building 135 in Denton, Texas 76208. Avalouna will be performing, I’ll be doing a solo heartening back to my musical theatre days and vending again as well! So dancing and pretties!! 


Following that you can see us at Avalon Faire in Kilgore, TX April 25-26 on the Treehouse Stage. I don’t have an exact schedule yet, but will post when I do. We will not just have Avalouna, but Avalouna and Friends as some of our girls from Wild Sky Tribal will be hanging out with us and maybe even doing a little dance occasionally! We’ve got a super fun “Renaissance/Elizabethan meets Gypsy Absinthe Party” theme going on. So make plans to come hang out with us. Also, our favorite Pirates, O’ Malley’s Prayer Band will be there, so it should be a good, boot stompin, grand old time. Huzzah! 


And lastly for this update the first weekend in May is going to be CRAZY!!!! May 1st come see us at Nature’s Rhythm Retreat in St. Joe, TX. This is a really cool annual event starting off that embraces the feel of a drum circle and takes that feel into an inclusive retreat with drumming, dancing and workshops. Friday I’ll be teaching a 2 hour “Intro to Group Improv Bellydance” workshop, then we’ll have an opening drum circle where you can put what you’ve learned into action with the dancers of Avalouna! May 2nd, Saturday, we will be at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX for Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s “The 60s” show. Avalouna will be a bit beatnik-y with an homage to the last play I acted in and I’ll be perusing Nights In White Satin. πŸ˜‰ Then Sunday May 3rd, we’ll be back out at Nature’s Rhythm where I’ll be teaching a Chakra Balancing Bellydance workshop and Amber, beloved wifey of mine and mistress of technical things and vending for Avalouna will be teaching a Couples Relaxation and Meditation Workshop.   


By Red Phoenix. 

Ok! That’s all I’ve got for you right now, lots of opportunities to come see us perform or hang out with us, so mark your calendar! As always like us on Facebook for pictures, videos and updates almost daily! http://www.facebook.com/Avalouna

Smiles and shimmies! πŸ˜€ Elena

Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest 2015


On March 21, 2015 Avalouna will be appearing at Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest in Glen Rose, TX. Last year we appeared at Weird Tex Fest at the same venue, which was put on by the same event producers. It was a wonderful event and we had such a blast and are so honored to be the entertainment this year at Unity Fest!

We will be performing the premiere of our Murderous Ghosts set, which is not only a bellydance performance, but the first in our series of theatrical bellydance pieces which tell an entire story in 30 minutes or less. We are so excited to present this new format of show to you and are really, really excited about this piece. It will be making its way around in the future, but for now, to see the whole thing, you should come to Unity Fest! If you’re not able, never fear, we will be posting it on YouTube!

Also later in the day I will be teaching a 30 minute mini workshop. It is included with entry to the event and suitable for total beginners!

Our performance is at 1pm, workshop at 3:30. There is also a wide array of speakers on all things supernatural and paranormal! There are also plenty of vendors to fulfill your shopping needs. This is a really fabulous event and it also is a charity event with proceeds going to Cancer Care Services.

Come out and see us, see the event page on Facebook at this link and buy tickets on eventbrite at the link below!



Smiles, shimmies and creepy things galore!


Next Show! Bat’s World Charity Show at Mable Peabody’s!


Hello everyone! We are so thrilled to have been asked back by Lemme Addams to appear in the Stardust Revue for the Bat World Charity Show. Bat’s World Sanctuary is a charity that provides care and homing for bats who might not otherwise have a chance.

From the Bat’s World Sanctuary Facebook page “Bat World Sanctuary is on the front line to end the abuse and destruction of bats. Each year we rescue hundreds of bats who might otherwise die. Lifetime sanctuary is given to non-releasable bats, including those that are orphaned, injured, confiscated from the illegal pet trade and retired from zoos and research facilities. Bat World Sanctuary was founded in 1994 and is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer organization. Donations allow us to continue our rescue efforts for bats.”

Bat World Sanctuary
299 High Point Rd
Weatherford, TX 76088

We love doing Charity shows and this is a great cause, plus 100% of the proceeds will go to the Sanctuary. So come out on February 7 at 10pm to Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX and watch us dance, along with many wonderful performers. Avalouna will be doing a super sexy piece and I will be doing another solo that is super special. The whole show is LOVE themed so get ready to feel the love!


Smiles, shimmies and batty love! πŸ™‚ Elena


Another Sale for A Happy New Year!!!


Ok guys! Thanks to the overwhelming response to my little holiday sale, I have decided to start off 2015 with ANOTHER sale! Everything left in my inventory is 25% until January 31!!! Coupon Code is NEWYEAR25. Thank you all so much for your support and get over and get something before they’re gone! I will not be making any exact duplicates of anything from last year, so if you want it, get it! πŸ˜€


Smiles and shimmies! πŸ™‚ Elena


It’s Almost A New Year!!!

It’s Almost A New Year!!!

Wow. 2014 was an amazing and hard year, for most people, as I’ve heard. We got the opportunity to do so many things, perform so many cool places and it was a blast! The girls married me off to the love of my life and we had a collectively ridiculously good time. 2014 was hard, too, for lots of people on a personal level. I felt it, too, and if you had a rough year, I am sorry and hope 2015 is much brighter.

So what do we have planned for 2015? Well we are (always) in the process of more bookings, adding shows and stuff, but we have some pretty neat things coming up!

First on the agenda is Jan 10’s show at Mable Peabody’s. We were asked by the lovely Lemme Addams to return to her show and perform at Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s 4th Anniversary! We, of course, said yes and started trying to decide what we wanted to do. I won’t give away any spoilers here, you’ll have to get your butt down to Mable’s in Denton around 10pm on the 10th to find out, or catch it on our YouTube channel, but I will say that we are performing a duet, Cassandra and I, and the tag line is “Bela Lugosi’s Dead with 2 Undead Sirens”. So chew on that a little! Also I will be performing a solo! While I solo during sets often, it’s rare for me to do a stand alone solo, but I am, and will be a “wayward gypsy lost in a jazz club!” So you don’t want to miss it!

Next on February 7, we will be back at Mable’s for the Bat’s World Charity Show, another show by Lemme and will be doing some slinky, Valentine’s lovey stuff!

February 14 will find us in Arkansas in Washington, which was apparently the first Capitol of the Confederate army. We will be joining our friends from O’Malley’s Prayer Band for a private event, but I’m sure there will be video! Yes, we’re taking the bellydance wives to a gig for Valentine’s Day. (They’re thoroughly looking forward to it. No but really, I think they’re bringing their swords!)

March 21, we will be heading back to Glen Rose, TX for Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest. Last year we performed at Weird Tex Fest at the same venue, which was put on by the same people! It was fabulous and we are super excited about it!

This event will also mark the premiere of the Murderous Ghosts set. I have a new thing I’m trying this year, which carries on our highly theatrical nature and takes it a step further by doing 25-30 minute “sets” which tell a full story sequentially through the music we pick and the dances themselves. Instead of just random songs put together, these will have a story. We have several of these in the works including the “Bad Girls” set and the revamped “Americana Grunge Steampunk” set. This will also offer private clients the ability to see a full show, and pick which one they would like to have at their event, if they don’t have something already in mind. We’re really excited about this new method and are hard at work at it!

Also at Unity Fest, I will be teaching a short workshop before our performance for FREE so, come see us dance and dance with me a little! It will be very beginner friendly and I believe 30 minutes long. They have some great speakers and vendors lined up for the show, too!

March 28 we will be appearing at The Re-Awakening in Dallas, further details TBA, though we are super pumped about this as we LOVED The Awakening last year.

And for April and beyond you will have to stay tuned as we are ironing out the calendar further! See below for links to purchase tickets for Lemme’s January 10 show at Mable Peabody’s in Denton and a link to purchase tickets to Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest! You have just a couple if days left for General Admission early bird pricing for that one so hop on it!!

Smiles and shimmies and Auld Lang Syne and whatnot! πŸ™‚ Elena

Whiskey Tongue Burlesque’s 4th Anniversary show.


Philosophenomena’s Unity Fest.


Just Added Merry Christmas Surprise!


In a Merry Christmas surprise, you don’t have to wait until February to see Avalouna perform again! On January 10 in just a couple of short weeks, we will be back at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, performing in Lemme Addams’ 4th anniversary Whiskey Tongue Burlesque show!!!

This will be the first time since June the Avalouna sirens come out to play AND you will get the rare opportunity to see Elena do a full solo!!! So come out and see the costumes voted “best use of seashells” by Texarkana on January 10!

We are so thrilled to be coming back to Mable’s and excited to be included in Lemme’s 4th Anniversary show!

Smiles and shimmies! πŸ™‚ Elena


Naughty Noel Performance Video

Naughty Noel Performance Video

Here’s the video from our show Saturday at Lemme Addams’ Naught Noel at Mable Peabody’s in Denton, TX.

We will be returning February 7, 2015 for a fun, vintage glam performance. Mark it on your calendars and come see us!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all our performance videos!

Smilies and Shimmies πŸ™‚ Elena

Avalouna at Naughty Noel

Lemme Addams’ Naughty Noel

Lemme Addams’ Naughty Noel

Wow! We had an absolute blast performing in our first burlesque show. Lemme is absolutely adorable and so sweet, the organization of the event was superb, the audience was great and there were so many amazing performers! The star of the show was the absolutely breathtaking Vivienne Vermouth, who was not only mesmerizing onstage, but so sweet backstage. We adored her Old Hollywood vintage glamour.

Starting the day off was a celebratory lunch to celebrate our dear Assistant Director, Zahra’s graduation from university. We are so very, very proud of her!!!

We then had some last minute costume ideas and thought “Hey! We’re in a burlesque show! Let’s bellydance in CORSETS!!” Luckily Cassandra usually has 2-4 corsets with her at all times and Zahra had one, so we laced up and it was marvelous! I want to bellydance in a corset all the time.

We got to watch the first act of the show, then got ready and lots of rhinestones, glitter and marabou feather boas and we were ready to go on. Oh and did I mention the giant candy canes? We danced saiidi with giant candy canes!

Here are a few pictures and I’ll post the video later today! Subscribe to the Three Fates YouTube channel to see new performances as soon as they’re updated and like our Facebook page for daily updates and news!


Smiles and shimmies! πŸ™‚ Elena











Yule Part 1

Yule Part 1

This past weekend was very exciting and busy! Friday evening we had rehearsal and then we attended a Yule Party thrown by our dear friend, Angie. Last year we were the featured performers at her party, but this year we got to dress up in party dresses, eat, drink and be merry! We had a fabulous time. We also all bought our dresses at different times and it’s lucky we can’t decide on anything without getting the other two’s input, because we very nearly all ended up with the same dress!! Here’s some pictures from the party!

Smiles and shimmies and Yule festivities! πŸ™‚ Elena